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About us

The cornerstone of every thriving company is its people, and those which prioritise employee mental health and wellbeing and create a sustainable workplace culture of support and inclusivity are the ones that flourish.

At Lifelink Workwell, we blend decades of experience with modern innovation. Lifelink's 30-year history in mental health and wellbeing services encompasses a diverse range of sectors, including large commissioned contracts, NHS, GP services, Distress Brief Intervention (DBI), Local Authorities, primary and secondary education, and prison services, among others. Lifelink Workwell brings this wealth of experience to the forefront, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to corporate mental health and wellbeing.

Our aim is for every person we support to become healthier and happier, wherever they live, work or learn. We’re continuing to play a pivotal role in helping to enhance lives through tailored workplace services, expertly navigating the ever-shifting landscape of employee health in the corporate landscape.

We work with businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, and recognise that every organisation is unique with its own diverse employee health challenges and goals. Through our client-centred approach, we provide innovative and effective solutions aligned with your corporate initiatives.


Tailored healthcare

Our tailored consultancy services seamlessly integrate mental health and wellbeing solutions within your existing frameworks, with evidence-based programmes and services that empower employees to take control of their health journeys. Our supportive initiatives and programmes go beyond surface-level solutions, addressing the root causes of wellbeing challenges for long-lasting impact.

By supporting employees to reach their potential, our clients have seen absenteeism rates fall, retention rates improve, and productivity increase.

And partnering with Lifelink Workwell means that you’re also embracing corporate social responsibility, through investment in care, expertise, community impact and ethical sourcing. As part of Lifelink, a social enterprise and registered charity, we reinvest in the communities in which we work, extending our reach across the UK and ensuring that a positive impact is made beyond the workplace. In addition, sourcing services from Lifelink Workwell ensures that your investment supports ethical purchasing, responsible supply chains and fair labour practices. 

We’re leading the way in fostering positive change within the corporate world, delivering innovative and effective solutions that enable your organisation to thrive. Through innovative and effective solutions, we can help you create a workplace that builds a healthier, happier future for everyone.

When you partner with Lifelink Workwell, you're not just selecting a mental health and wellbeing provider; you're embracing corporate social responsibility and ethical purchasing.

Here's how your CSR benefits from working with us:
Proven Expertise: Lifelink's extensive experience positions us as leaders in mental health support across various sectors. By choosing Lifelink Workwell, you gain access to this knowledge, ensuring your employees receive exceptional care and support tailored to your specific needs.
Cutting-Edge Solutions: Lifelink Workwell is dedicated to innovation. We continually adapt to meet the evolving needs of corporate healthcare, ensuring our services remain at the forefront of industry best practices.
Community Impact: Your partnership with Lifelink Workwell extends beyond your organisation. As part of Lifelink, a social enterprise and registered charity, we reinvest in communities, making a positive impact beyond the workplace. Additionally, our commitment to ethical purchasing ensures that your investment supports responsible supply chains and fair labour practices.
Choosing Lifelink Workwell is not just a business decision; it's a strategic investment in care, expertise, social responsibility, and ethical sourcing. Support us in building a healthier, happier future for everyone.


Our vision at Lifelink Workwell is to lead the movement towards a mentally healthy and thriving workforce in the UK. We aim to provide personalised, innovative, and compassionate mental health support, empowering individuals to excel in their professional and personal lives.  

Mission and culture

Mission statement 

Lifelink Workwell is dedicated to delivering exceptional mental health and wellbeing services across the UK. With over three decades of expertise in organisational health, we specialise in serving the corporate market by seamlessly blending our services to create true value for businesses and their employees. Our commitment is to support employees and empower them for business success.  

At the core of our innovative approach is the Lifelink Workwell app, powered by cutting-edge AI, which enriches our offerings with personalised, dynamic support. We strive to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and we redirect funding towards community support in the areas we serve, providing full UK coverage. Our mission is to empower individuals to thrive and make a lasting contribution to their workplaces and communities. Through our commitment to excellence, advanced AI-powered solutions, and strategic services reinvestment, we strive to create a profound and lasting impact on workplace culture and individual wellbeing. Our goal is to drive positive change for businesses and communities nationwide, fostering environments where every person can flourish.  


Lifelink Workwell is dedicated to serving the corporate sector with tailored, impactful, and ethical wellbeing solutions.

  • Excellence: We are committed to delivering exceptional, evidence-based mental health and wellbeing services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and their employees.  
  • Innovation: We embrace cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, such as our AI powered Lifelink Workwell app, to provide personalised and dynamic support for employee wellbeing.  
  • Empowerment: We believe in empowering employees to thrive by fostering a mentally healthy work environment, ensuring their wellbeing is integral to business success.  
  • Collaboration: We value collaborative partnerships with businesses, HR professionals, and industry leaders to create impactful, tailored wellbeing solutions that maximise employee engagement and productivity.  
  • Community Impact: We are dedicated to making a positive impact on workplace culture and the wellbeing of individuals, reinvesting in community support initiatives to drive broader social change.  
  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, ensuring transparency, trust, and confidentiality in all our interactions and solutions 

Our team

Jacqui Taylor
Chief Executive

As CEO, it’s my responsibility to lead Lifelink Workwell through exciting phases of business growth, to inspire our team to achieve their goals and to look at new and innovative ways we can deliver our service to help people become healthier and happier wherever they live, work or learn. The services we offer here at Lifelink Workwell provide vital support to people at a time when they need it most on their journey towards positive mental health. Many organisations aspire to change the world; At Lifelink Workwell, we aspire to change people's lives!

Karen Johnstone
Deputy Chief Executive

As Deputy Chief Executive, I’m responsible for ensuring our operational capabilities support the delivery of our business strategy and goals. This includes financial and commercial management of the organisation, resource planning and contract reporting capabilities, IT and Communications, Quality Improvement oversight and compliance with the ISO9001 management framework.

Felice Bretman
Service Delivery Director

As Service Delivery Director I am responsible for our overall client experience and overseeing the delivery of Lifelink Workwell's services. Strong Relationships and client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and I work with a dedicated and passionate service delivery team who take great pride in working together to ensure we are supporting young people and adults with their mental health and wellbeing.

Jane Prentice
Business Development Director

In my role as Business Development Director, my key focus is in providing strategic direction to business development, nurturing talent within Lifelink Workwell, and developing innovative solutions that deliver value for our clients and stakeholders. With an established network of contacts and strong long-term partnerships with key decision-makers, I bring a proactive approach to client relationship management that helps Lifelink Workwell to secure major contracts within the corporate space.

Andy Hardie
Clinical Director

It's my responsibility as Clinical Director to ensure that all the therapy offered throughout Lifelink Workwell's services is high quality, appropriate and ethically robust. People seek therapeutic intervention for very personal and entirely unique reasons. It can take a huge amount of courage to seek out and engage with this process. I want people who reach out to Lifelink Workwell, to have the experience of being cared for by a supportive, professional organisation.

Jennifer Gordon
HR Director

As HR Director my role is to drive forward our HR, supporting our business strategy. My focus is to ensure our culture is built around coaching, developing, and engaging our teams, helping to empower them for the future.

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