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Good employee mental health and wellbeing are the keystones of a thriving workplace. In an ever-changing corporate landscape, Lifelink Workwell provides adaptable, responsive and innovative services which identify and address the root causes of wellbeing challenges. 

These services integrate evidence-based practices and a proactive approach, resulting in solutions that genuinely enhance workforce mental health and productivity. They reflect our commitment to providing effective and accessible solutions, meaningful interventions and long-lasting impact for our corporate client organisations.  

We provide tailored support and guidance that respects the unique needs of each organisation and employee, fostering an environment where every individual feels seen, supported, and empowered. By integrating our specialised services into the fabric of your corporate culture, our services not only enhance the overall wellbeing of your employees, but also help your organisations progress towards becoming a more empathetic and productive workplace. 

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Our services

ED&I Services

Cultivate a supportive environment where employees feel supported in their mental health challenges and personal identities with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion services

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Counselling Services

Through targeted interventions, counselling is a vital tool that fosters resilience in your employees, enhancing their individual wellbeing and contributing to heightened focus and productivity. 

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Wellbeing Services

Happy, healthy, and engaged employees make a bigger contribution. Our wellbeing services provide the proactive and reactive solutions, guidance and support they need for good mental and physical health. 

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Specialist Services

Covering health risk management, legislative requirements and safety culture, our bespoke training gives your team the knowledge they need for effective, safe, and successful operations.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing App

Our revolutionary technology gives your team a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Information on mental and physical health, anytime, anywhere, helps them take positive steps towards their own wellbeing. 

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Training Services

Lifelink Workwell’s range of training services can support your team to develop their knowledge across a wide range of topics. 

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Blended Healthcare

Providing consultancy for varied organisational health challenges, leveraging our expertise in the corporate healthcare arena for a holistic and comprehensive approach tailored to each organisation’s unique set of requirements. 

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