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Your organisation is unique, with its own distinctive set of employee health and wellbeing challenges and goals. That's why we offer a consultative approach to organisational healthcare support, delivering solutions that are customised to your individual needs.  

It all begins with a deep dive into your company’s specific circumstances to understand how you currently approach your employees' health and wellbeing needs. This allows us to build tailored solutions on a solid foundation, as we strive to seamlessly integrate our mental health and wellbeing services into your existing healthcare framework.  

Working with you, we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy to address physical and mental health challenges in your workforce to allow you to offer a full range of healthcare solutions. This creates a healthier environment that promotes employee wellbeing, boosts engagement and productivity, and reduces absenteeism rates.

The benefits of a consultative approach 


For companies seeking a tailored solution to their employees' unique requirements, a consultative approach is an effective way of creating a true environment of care and support. 

Through a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing, partnering with Lifelink Workwell can help your organisation enhance and strengthen its dedication to corporate healthcare through bespoke strategies that deliver results. 

Our flexible, collaborative approach allows for changes in approach as we work with you to deliver improved health outcomes through preventative and proactive physical and mental healthcare solutions.  

Tailored Solutions

While other providers may offer standalone mental health or wellbeing services and focus on specific aspects of these, Lifelink Workwell can seamlessly integrate with your existing healthcare infrastructure and provide comprehensive support across multiple channels. Our corporate healthcare expertise means we can offer tailored solutions that address the holistic needs of your organisation and your employees.

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Integration with Existing Healthcare

Lifelink Workwell ensures a seamless integration with your existing healthcare infrastructure, including OH, EAP, PMI, and GiP schemes, to ensure a coordinated, ‘joined-up’ approach to employee wellbeing.  

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Knowledge and Experience

With a long history in the corporate healthcare arena, Lifelink Workwell has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. We understand the unique challenges and dynamics of workplace mental health, and can implement the customised solutions needed to meet the specific needs of your organisation and your employees. 

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Other Services

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Counselling Services

Through targeted interventions, counselling is a vital tool that fosters resilience in your employees, enhancing their individual wellbeing and contributing to heightened focus and productivity.  

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Wellbeing Services

Happy, healthy, and engaged employees make a bigger contribution. Our wellbeing services provide the proactive and reactive solutions, guidance and support they need for good mental and physical health. 

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Specialist Services

Covering health risk management, legislative requirements and safety culture, our bespoke training gives your team the knowledge they need for effective, safe, and successful operations. 

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Mental Health & Wellbeing App

Our revolutionary technology gives your team a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Information on mental and physical health, anytime, anywhere, helps them take positive steps towards their own wellbeing. 

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I have found my Lifelink Supervision to be an invaluable support alongside my role. My Supervisor strikes the perfect balance between being empathetic, and asking the challenging questions that will best allow me to reflect and grow in my job. Knowing that I have a regular safe space to discuss what's happening in my role and to process anything I'm struggling with without judgement makes difficult days that bit easier.

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