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We’ll work with you to tailor counselling programmes that align with your corporate objectives and values and make a positive contribution to your organisational goals.

About our counselling services

The mental health of your employees has a direct impact on your business. In the modern corporate landscape, employees can often encounter unique challenges, with work-related stress, professional challenges and personal issues negatively impacting their performance.  

Combining clinical expertise with a corporate approach, our counselling services offer a safe space and a confidential, professional way of addressing these challenges. And our seasoned, empathetic clinical counsellors take a solution-focused approach, providing evidence-based therapies.  

Lifelink Workwell’s commitment to quality care means that the number of counselling sessions provided are determined by each employee’s unique needs. There are no arbitrary session limits - whether addressing a single issue or complex, multi-faceted challenges, our experienced clinicians provide the necessary guidance and support. 

We collaborate with each organisation we work with to create bespoke counselling programmes that align with your corporate objectives and values. We understand the intricacies of mental health support in corporate settings, and so our counselling services are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of employees. While standard Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) often offer short-term, solution-focused therapy, Lifelink Workwell’s approach provides a comprehensive range of individually tailored modalities. 

Our 8am to 8pm operating hours have been specifically structured to align with the rhythms of corporate life, offering accessible and timely support during working hours. Our focused approach during business hours integrates seamlessly with the corporate environment, promoting proactive mental health management without disrupting work-life balance. 

  • Our clinical counsellors provide confidential support and a secure and discreet space for employees to navigate their personal and professional concerns. 

  • By addressing mental health issues, overall employee health, resilience, and job satisfaction improves. 

  • Counselling equips employees with the tools they need to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges, boosting performance and productivity as a result. 

  • Effective counselling can help prevent and manage issues that can lead to extended periods of absence from work. 

  • Reduced anxiety, low mood and stress levels can lead to happier employees and reduced staff turnover rates. 

LGBTQ informed therapy 


Therapy sessions encourage individuals to navigate a range of experiences, feelings and concerns in a supportive and understanding environment. This is a safe space where they can feel respected and supported in addressing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression that may result from societal or personal pressures. By providing a supportive environment, we aim to empower individuals to overcome challenges and build resilience. 

Neurodivergent informed therapy


Stress, anxiety, and depression are common concerns for neurodivergent individuals, and stress can exacerbate these conditions. Designed to provide essential support in navigating a wide range of experiences, Neurodivergence Informed Therapy typically involves an average of 6 sessions, tailored to address the specific needs of the employee. Our therapists are equipped to offer therapy that acknowledges and respects the distinct needs and experiences of the neurodiverse community. By identifying and addressing unmet support needs, we aim to mitigate the impact of poor mental health and support personal growth and psychological wellbeing. 

Benefits of Therapy

Employees can navigate their personal and professional concerns in a secure and discreet space. Key advantages of counselling include improved employee health, resilience, and job satisfaction. Employees are equipped with the tools they need to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges, boosting performance and reducing absenteeism as a result.

Short-term Therapy

Short-term therapy, or solution-focused and structured counselling, is a strategic approach aiming to address specific issues or goals in a defined number of sessions – typically, up to six. It’s focused on providing support and working towards resolving immediate concerns. Key features include a focus on specific issues and goal-orientated sessions structured around specific objectives.

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Longer-term Therapy

Longer-term therapy allows for an ongoing therapeutic relationship. It involves a deeper exploration of underlying issues, a more comprehensive understanding of employee's historical experiences, and the development of relational depth. It allows more time and space for deeper insight, awareness and understanding.

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Other Services

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Working with Lifelink during my monthly Reflective Practice Wellbeing sessions has been extremely powerful. My general state of mind is hugely improved and my relationships with colleagues and friends are far stronger as a result.

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