Training services

Training services

Lifelink Workwell’s range of training services can support your team to develop their knowledge across topics such as suicide intervention, crisissupport, self-harm and mental health first aid. 

A mixture of customisable and certified sessions with our professional trainers will allow employees to acquire the skills they need to feel empowered to make a genuine difference in their organisation.

Flexibility in Session Lengths

Our portfolio includes quick 90 minute knowledge development sessions as well as intensive 2 day courses, and many variations in between, so we can customise a training schedule around your team’s individual requirements.

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Recognised Accredited Courses

We deliver recognised and accredited courses through our expert trainers. Suicide Talk, Safe Talk, ASSIST suicide training, Scottish Mental Health First Aid and What’s The Harm are delivered with content that has been tested and refined by external partners over a number of years.

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Digital and Face-to-Face Delivery

Lifelink Workwell offers flexibility through online and face-to-face versions of some training services (where appropriate) allowing for employees to participate in training from remote locations while understanding the same content and achieving the same outcomes as attending in-person sessions.

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Other Services

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Counselling Services

Through targeted interventions, counselling is a vital tool that fosters resilience in your employees, enhancing their individual wellbeing and contributing to heightened focus and productivity.

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Wellbeing Services

Happy, healthy, and engaged employees make a bigger contribution. Our wellbeing services provide the proactive and reactive solutions, guidance and support they need for good mental and physical health. 

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Specialist Services

Covering health risk management, legislative requirements and safety culture, our bespoke training gives your team the knowledge they need for effective, safe, and successful operations.

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I have found my Lifelink Supervision to be an invaluable support alongside my role. My Supervisor strikes the perfect balance between being empathetic, and asking the challenging questions that will best allow me to reflect and grow in my job. Knowing that I have a regular safe space to discuss what's happening in my role and to process anything I'm struggling with without judgement makes difficult days that bit easier.

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