Wellbeing services

Encouraging resilience and improving wellbeing for organisational success 


Enhance your team’s personal and professional growth with our comprehensive suite of health and wellbeing training sessions, conducted by our highly experienced trainers. Addressing the psychological needs of your employees, the content can be customised to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle by introducing practical tools for mental health that your employees can start to use immediately. 

Talk to us about your unique organisational and employee requirements. Working as your trusted partner, Lifelink Workwell will support you in providing a caring workplace culture – somewhere that employees know their health and wellbeing is considered important. The result? Improved engagement, higher productivity, and higher numbers of vocal employee advocates, making you the employer of choice in your sector.  



Our specialist wellbeing training programmes 


Our variety of training sessions have been developed to cater to a range of wellbeing requirements. Through Lifelink Workwell, your employees will receive the highest quality training, and we provide a range of formats. These range from impactful 60-minute ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions that fit easily into a busy workday to intensive, certified two-day courses which promote deeper understanding and skill development.  

Our wellbeing courses 

  • Anchor Anger 
  • Art of Relaxation 
  • Assertiveness Training 
  • Behaviour Change Strategies 
  • Boosting Self-Esteem 
  • Boundaries and Self-Care  
  • Building Confidence  
  • Build Resilience and Improve Personal Effectiveness  
  • Coaching Skills  
  • Coping with Change   
  • Financial Wellbeing 
  • Improving Motivation  
  • Learning the Art of Relaxing 
  • Managing Conflict 
  • Managing Difficult Conversations & Challenging Situations 
  • Menopause and Me 
  • Re-assess Your Stress 
  • Relationship Building 
  • Safeguarding Principles 
  • Trauma Awareness Training 
  • Unconscious Bias Awareness 

Diverse Course Coverage

Through education, skill-building, and practical strategies, our wellbeing courses can support employees in improving their health and wellbeing. Covering a wide variety of wellness topics to meet the unique needs of your organisation and your workforce, they’re designed to help address a diverse range of health challenges and foster a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Unlocking Potential

A focus on improving employees’ overall health can unlock their potential and have a substantial impact on their productivity levels. Higher levels of resilience, increased motivation and heightened job satisfaction lead to improved performance through greater efficiency, better time management and higher quality work.

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Resilient Workforce

The guidance, advice and knowledge employees gain from our wellbeing training equips them to better handle emotional challenges and manage anxiety, leading to fewer absence days. Through a supportive work culture, organisations working with Lifelink Workwell can experience a significant reduction in absenteeism, as employees are better able to understand their emotions, manage anxiety, and prevent or manage stress.

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Other Services

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Counselling Services

Through targeted interventions, counselling is a vital tool that fosters resilience in your employees, enhancing their individual wellbeing and contributing to heightened focus and productivity.

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Specialist Services

Covering health risk management, legislative requirements and safety culture, our bespoke training gives your team the knowledge they need for effective, safe, and successful operations.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing App

Our revolutionary technology gives your team a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Information on mental and physical health, anytime, anywhere, helps them take positive steps towards their own wellbeing. 

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Working with Lifelink during my monthly Reflective Practice Wellbeing sessions has been extremely powerful. My general state of mind is hugely improved and my relationships with colleagues and friends are far stronger as a result.

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